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Prayer for the month of February 

Dear lord thank you for this new month of February . We thank You for the gift of life you have given us, Your unconditional love You keep showing us , for Your blessings You keep pouring upon our lives, for always forgiving us even when we don’t deserve it. You are amazing and awesome God, we worship and praise you for who you are.
Lord as we embrace this new month give us the wisdom that we need in our finances, marriages, children, businesses, education, decisions, relationships, goals, dreams, and plans. Open the right opportunities for us to walk in, guide us to now your truth in every situation. Align us with the right friendships and protect us from anything that may hinder our progress or come in the way of our success in every area of lives.

Teach us how to trust you with all our mind, spirit and soul and not second guess the plans you have for our lives. Give us the trust within that even when things get tough that we will rest in the assurance of your word and know you will never leave us or forsake us.
God you are all knowing and today and always we trust You with all the affairs of our lives and we believe we can do things through Christ who strengthens us in Jesus name we pray Amen

Love Antoinette

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