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Overcoming an Impatient Heart

An impatient heart does not please God. One thing God really works with is a patient heart. Patience is very vital in a life of every believer  and absolutely required to grow and mature in the things of God.

James 1:4 tells us that in the midst of tests and trials, we have to let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be reflect and entire, wanting nothing.

Many times when you are going through trials or you have not completely a task , goal or an assignment at a particular time, your heart tends to kick into high gear with impatience.

You are so anxious to get things done right away. Your heart is overwhelmed with panic and you don’t take no or rejection well. Your heart is focused on what you want right now instead of waiting for it.

This causes stress, irritations and you end up  being mean to people and causing conflict because you didn’t get your way.

But God wants you to be still and know that He is God and He got this. Have faith in God’s timing and know He time is always perfect and He is going to work out everything for your good.

Your delays are not God’s denials… God is always faithful to His promises. He will fulfill every promise He made you. So have faith , trust God and be patient because God has the answer to all your needs.

The danger of impatience is that everyone who is impatient and hasty Hastens only to want. Proverbs  21:5.

So when you are tempted to cave in and faint, let patience have her perfect work. As you patiently hold fast your faith in the midst of every trial you face, every difficulty ,every challenge ,every obstacle, what ever it is that has delayed in your life , have peace and know you’re becoming mature,full-grown and lacking nothing because God is in control and He wants you to be at peace and have patience and wholeheartedly trust Him and His amazing power to see you through anything .what a place to be in. A Patient Heart pleases God.


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