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Prayer power for the month of March 2017

Declare this prayer over your life…..

1-2Dear Lord, thank you for this new month of march. You have been faithful to me and you have protected me and given me the wisdom in how to do things. The third month signifies completion, fullness and perfection.

Lord i ask you to perfect everything in me and empty me of any pride or fleshy things that may distract me from my purpose. This month also signifies promotion, elevations. I ask you to elevate me in all areas of my life , which includes my businesses, my education, my family.

Transform me from the inside out that i may know you at a deeper intimate level so that i can reflect your glory . Promote me and release your blessing and favor at my place of work, my plans and my goals.

praying-blog-feature-imageI place my plans in your hands ,my desires ,my wants,remove anything that would hinder me from trusting in you. Lord you are great ,no one can compare to you. Your love is amazing and never ending , Its from generation to generation. Thank you for loving me and choosing me first.

Your  ways are higher than my ways, your thoughts higher than my thoughts, You know everything about me thats why i cannot hide from your presence. I invite you in my heart , in my dwelling place to stay and never leave because i need you in my life to guide , comfort me and direct my path always. Because in you i know I’m safe and i will never be forsaken.

1Thank you for always looking out for me ,now i know in this new month you are going to elevate me from glory to glory. HolySpirit you are welcome in my life.

By the power of the Holy Spirit, I shall not fall into an trap of sin the enemy has prepared for me in 2017 in Jesus name.I am more than a conqueror. I command every wicked arrow of darkness that the enemy (devil) has prepared to fire into my life and the lives of my loved ones in 2017 to catch fire now in Jesus name.

I command the arrows of sickness, accidents, death, bankruptcy, poverty, shame, failure, demotion and madness shall all catch fire in Jesus’ name, because the Word says no weapon formed against me shall prosper.

Thank you lord for this new month and all the blessings your bringing my way in Jesus name Amen.

❤️ Antoinette






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