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Defend your light

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.-Psalm 119:105  

You have to defend your light. Not everybody has to be around you. You have to surround yourself with people that help you become better and not the people that tear down your dreams. Always look out and watch and see who is for you and who is against you.

Not everybody is going to be for you. You have to fight for your dreams, you have to defend them on every side because what God has put inside of you has great purpose. Surround yourself with people that motivate you, inspire you and empower you to achieve your dreams. You’ve got a light and that light has got to shine so bright until you birth your dreams, visions and goals.

But in order for that to happen your environment or your surrounding has got to be light. So remove every negative energy, remove every darkness that is brought to you by people that want to dim your light. Surround yourself with greatness, surround yourself with people that believe in your dreams and vision and stay away from the people that work so hard to destroy your greatness.

Do not share your dreams and goals with everyone. People will not believe in your vision and your dream’s beginning stages, your are highly vulnerable to the opinions of others. They will go after your light especially if you are surrounded by negativity, doubt, and belittling feedback. Even some of your closest family and friends will have a hard time investing in your vision. This is ok. Most of time people have to see something to believe in it and your friends and family are no different so don’t take this personally. So when you encounter this issue ask God for wisdom and discernment to know who is for you and who is against you and defend your light (Dreams).

Be careful who you take advice from. Not everyone has your dreams best interests. Unless a person has had success in going after their dreams, be mindful of putting weight in their advice. Dreams take time, chance, risk, going into the unknown, faith, belief, conviction in the unseen and if someone hasn’t travelled those waters, they aren’t going to be able to advise you.

Find people who have gone before you, who have made something out of nothing, who have been persistent and dedicated to their vision and dreams , who have faced self-doubt and fear and looked the possibility of failure in the eye and never gave up. These people will be the strongest sources of support, perspective, advice, and opinion and can be leaned on faithfully as you light your own path.

Trust God with your path, dreams and vision and defend your light no matter what situation or circumstances are thrown at you, never give up and you will achieve all your dreams in Jesus name.


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