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He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it in you. Philippians 1:6

In life it’s very easy to give up on your dreams when you have faced so many trials and tribulations. Many times you feel pain and disappointment is always knocking at your door. You are trying to figure out what all that means and why failure keeps happening in your life. There are times in life where your circumstances won’t match up with what God has put in your heart. Every voice will tell you, “It’s not going to happen. Just accept it. Just settle there. You’ll always be lonely. You’ll always have that addiction and failure. You’ll always struggle in your finances”. No, don’t believe those lies. That is not the end of your story. You may have gone through a loss, had a bad break, lost everything, it was unfair, but know this: it’s not over. The enemy may be laughing now, but don’t worry. Your time is coming and victory belongs to you because God says so.

Many times the enemy has lied to you and made you think that you are not good enough, you have made so many mistakes and you don’t deserve to achieve good things. Maybe you have been thinking that what God promised you will never come to pass and you are giving up on you and on life because it’s taken along time and you have faced so many challenges along the way. God wants me to tell you it’s not over and everything He has promised you He is going to bring to pass.

When we look at the story of Sarah in the Bible ( Abraham’s Wife) she could not have kids. She faced so many challenges and trials and she gave up on her dream of having a child but one day God sent His angel to visit Abraham and Sarah and told Abraham that his wife sarah will be pregnant and bare him a son. Sarah heard that and laughed because she couldn’t believe that God who gave her a child at her old fragile age. This is something she had given up on but God showed up right on time and fulfilled His promise He made to Sarah and Abraham. Sarah was made a mother to nations. God’s delays are not His denials. His word is truth and He always fulfills promises.

The Lord came back to visit Sarah as he said he would, and he kept his promise to her. At exactly the time God said it would happen, Sarah became pregnant and gave birth to a son for Abraham in his old age. Abraham named his son Isaac. Abraham did what God commanded and circumcised Isaac when he was eight days old. Abraham was 100 years old when his son Isaac was born. Sarah said, “God has made me happy, and everyone who hears about this will be happy with me. No one thought that I, Sarah, would be able to have Abraham’s child. But I have given Abraham a son, even though he is old.” Genesis 21:1-7

I don’t know what dreams or promises you have given up on and what you have been feeling is impossible to achieve. Let these words I am saying to you sink deep into your spirit: it’s not over. God has not brought you this far to leave you, and just because you don’t see a way doesn’t mean God doesn’t have a way. Right now the most powerful force in the universe is at work in your life. God is about to do a new thing. What you thought was dead, dreams you’ve given up on, promises you’ve let go of are about to come back to life. God knows how to resurrect dead dreams.Don’t give up because God says it not over.

Today God is doing something new. Your story does not end in defeat. It ends in victory, with you accomplishing your dreams, fulfilling your purpose. No matter what has happened in your life don’t be discouraged and settle. God has the best in store for you. It’s not over, keep the faith and trust God and remember He is always on time.

💕💕💕Love Antoinette

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