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God favors you!

Today God put this message on my heart and He wants me to remind you that He favors you because He loves you. It doesn’t matter what enemy rises up against you, it doesn’t matter how many haters you have, it doesn’t matter how many people are trying to destroy you,the truth is God favors you. God is your defense, your Refuge from all the tricks of the enemy.

God will always go ahead of you and protect you from the unknown, God’s grace abounds so much more in your life even when you have sinned and failed. God is your covering no matter what season you are going through, no matter what you’re facing today, God wants to remind you that He got your best interest at heart. Even when you walk through the Valley of the shadow of death He will be there for you, He will comfort you, He will lift you up when you’re down and charge His angels over you to protect you from the enemies traps.

God will walk you through every situation in your life because He favors you and He loves you so much. This season might have been tough for you, you might have lost a lot of friends along the way but God was protecting you and paving away for you to walk by into your destiny. In this season God is going to expose all the the people that have been pretending, faking their relationship with you and those that have been hanging around you in order to try to destroy you. Continue to trust God, continue to pray and fast because God is fighting on your behalf God.

In spite of all that you have been through it was not meant to break you. God had to walk you through this season so that He could show you the power of His Deliverance. God wanted to show you His love and expose your enemies. The Bible God says that His goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life and you shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Everyone that has been coming against your goodness, everyone that has been trying to destroy you so that you could not fulfill your destiny, everyone that has been working against your progress, your marriage your children and your finances it ends today. God is exposing your enemies, God is destroying your enemies on your behalf do not be discouraged, do not be afraid because God is fighting for you.

I know you have gone through trials and tribulations where you have cried so many tears, you have asked God a lot of questions, you are trying to figure out what is happening and why things in your life do not seem to align, in this season God is bringing down every stronghold, every barrier, every attack of the enemy fighting against you. God is destroying the devil on your behalf. Stand strong in the power of His might and watch the salvation of the Lord, His shield will defend you on every exit. What the enemy intended for harm God is going to turn it around for your good. The best is yet to come, it’s your season to get out of what has been holding you in captivity, pain, Misery, despair, fear, depression and suffering into God’s marvelous powerful blessings and miracles.

I want to encourage you today no matter what has been conspiring against you, no matter what has happened in your life, no matter what sickness and disease has been tormenting your body, your mind and your soul. Whatever has been hindering you from reaching your fullest potential, it’s removed in Jesus name. The season has been so hard for you, things have been falling apart but God says be still and know that He is your God.

You have been weeping for so many nights, your heart has been troubled for so many years but God is favoring you today. In him you are victorious. There is no need to fight or strive to qualify for God’s favor and blessings. His favor is all over you because He first loved you.

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