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I pray for all your God given dreams to come true!

Dear Lord I pray for all the dreamers!…I stand in the gap for you to fulfill and achieve every dream God has placed on the inside of you. Many of you have had Big Dreams that looked impossible to achieve in your own eyes but God says with Him you can achieve the impossible.

Have you given up on your dreams because of everything you have gone through, every setback, every backstabbing, every disappointment, every distraction, every hindrance, every shame and failure that has kept you from reaching your goals and caused you to doubt your Purpose and your dreams?. If this is you God says it’s not over.

God’s best is ahead of you not behind you. Everything you have faced, you had to go through it, you had to endure it and overcome every setback, every disappointment, so that God could mold you and make you what He created you to be. It’s in your failures and disappointments that you will discover who you are and that you are stronger than you know because God’s strength is made perfect in your weakness.

It’s a new season and it’s a new day, the blessing of God is upon your life. My prayer for you today is…be encouraged and know that God has not brought you this far to forsake you now. You are going to be the first person in your family that is going to break the back of poverty, that is going to start a business, that is going to be an author and that is going to be a millionaire. You have been chosen and set apart for such a time as this. I pray for you right now to have strength and don’t give up. The pain  you are feeling is coming to an end, the suffering ends today. Remember weeping may endure for a night but joy is coming in the morning.

Dear Lord I pray for every woman and man that is facing the most difficult situation and for every pain, every rejection, for every suffering, every misfortune they’ve had to endure turn it around for their good. Heal every scar, heal ever pain, heal every sickness and disease and heal every emotional wounds that have been afflicted on them by the ones they love, by their friends and family. Restore everything that enemy has taken away from them and turn their tears into laughter. Restore every broken places in their lives, restore every dysfunctions that they’ve inherited from their families and pour out your blessing on them, right now in this moment.

Today is the day they will know your power, your care for them because they belong to You and You love them. I pray healing over their families, over their children, over their marriages, over their businesses, over anything that they pursue and most of all over every dream that You have put inside their hearts.

Father I know they cannot control how they came into this world, they were a product of the environment that their parents created. Father do not limit where they headed because of their background but from this day forward enlarge their territories and make them home owners, entrepreneurs and take away the struggle God. Let them have more than enough in their household that they don’t have to tell their kids that they can’t afford what they need.

Expand the way they think. They will not limit their abilities to achieve greatness and do the impossible that nobody in their family has ever done. God I know you have showed them beautiful things and you wouldn’t have allowed them to see them if they couldn’t achieve them. Father they have been shamed of their lives, they have been rejected, they have been betrayed and some of them are living in poverty where they’ve had to make up excuses of why they can’t afford certain things in their lives but that ends today in Jesus name.

I declare from this day forward that you will never claim any defeat, failure and poverty over your life anymore and right now I break off every generational curse of poverty that has been following you all these years. I pray from this day forward that you will live in the authority that God have given you because you are a chain breaker and that you will be the first to lead your family into generational wealth. May God remove every single person in your life who is not for your vision. May God remove every distraction that would hinder you from achieving your dreams and bring opportunities your way, may God bless you with creative ideas that you will pursue and achieve. I ask God for more of His blessing, abundant provision and favor upon your life and dreams in Jesus name I pray Amen.

If you agree say Amen!

Love Always,

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