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LET GO!!!!-Don’t allow Dead things to Reside in the space that God wants to Bless.

Don’t allow dead things to reside in the space that God wants to bless. Many times when you are not seeing results or situations changing in your life it’s because you have been holding on to dead things in your life that have kept you from growing, from overcoming the past hurt, from evolving and from being the best versions of yourself.

Proverbs 4:25-27 Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you. Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways. Do not turn to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil.

When you let the old reside in the space that God wants to bless you will never receive that blessing. You have to renew your mind, renew your heart, renew your soul and empty every chamber or your life that has be intoxicated by pain, hurt, devastation that has got you so bound and stuck that you cannot see your way out.

Looking back will distract you from what is in front of you. The devil will try to remind you of your past mistakes, sins, failures, etc. He will say, “you messed up now you messed up God’s plan for you.” Satan is a liar. You are where God wants you to be. Don’t dwell on the past, keep moving forward.

You have to detach yourself from relationships and failures that caused you pain. You cannot hold on to the things that have destroyed your spirit and expect to change your present situation. You cannot move into your destiny, into your future or live your dreams if you’re still tied down and still locked up with your past or with your past failed relationships or whatever it is that has gotten you so messed up.

You’ve got to let it go, you’ve got to heal from the pain of your past and embrace your true identity which is in Christ Jesus. Let your heart be that space in you that is purified, renewed and it’s ready for God to bless.

You have to remove every dead thing that would damage your life, that would destroy your destiny and hinder your blessings from God. Let go of everything in your past that you think you can’t live without because if your past is not dealt with it will affect your present.

If you are in this state/stage of life and you are wondering why some things have not been working in your life, why doors have not been opening or why you been losing money left and right, whatever it is look at the patterns in your life that you have not dealt with. Remove them from your life.

Examine your heart and your life and Look at those dead things that you needed to let go of that you have been holding on to. You thought they helped you but actually they have made the situation worse and have been hurting your future.. you’ve got to let it all go today.

I promise…you will change your life for the best when you empty out all the junk and all the dead things of the past, all negativity of all the bad relationships, everything that has been negative and taking away your peace and interfering with your dreams and destiny.

You’ve got to cleanse your mind,body and soul, you’ve got to reboot and reset everything in your life so you can make space for God to dwell inside you and once God resides in you and all the chambers of your life, all the blessings will come your way, all the great things will happen for you, new doors will be opened and breakthroughs will manifest in your life because you have removed all the clutter, your vision is clear. Now that you have made space for God in your life, He will divinely reside in you, bless you and fulfill all the desires of your heart in Jesus name.

What God has in store for you is never in the past. He has the best in store for you in the future.

Love always

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