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God is changing your Story

As we’re coming to the end of 2018 and you are reflecting on how everything has been in your life. And you’re looking back at what has happened, what you have accomplished, what you have not accomplished, what you have endured and gone through both the good and the bad. What ever it is God got you.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: Ecclesiastes 3:1

If you have experienced a tough 2018, where everything has been a difficult for you, you have faced a lot of struggles, a lot of setbacks, a lot of disappointments and a lot of failures. Don’t lose hope because weeping may endure for a night but joy will always come in the morning.

I have great news for you God wants me to remind you, that greater things are a head for you , it’s just the beginning. What didn’t break you in 2018 has only made you stronger to win in the new year. Things are going to get better. The breakthroughs you have been praying for and asking God for are all going to be answered.

You are not behind, it’s not too late, you are exactly where you’re supposed to be. Everything is unfolding. Don’t judge yourself or be hard on yourself about how long something is taking. You’re time is coming, just be thankful you’ve made it this far👏. Your story is changing, you might not see it but God is doing something and working things out something on your behalf.

I declare a great future for you because He who started a good work in you, He is faithful to complete it in you. Don’t look at your disappointments setbacks and every obstacle that was hard and remember this God is going to work it all out for your good.

Your life is not a mistake. Today God is changing your story. From bruised to restored, from sick to healed, from depressed to happiness, from lost to found, from sadness to joy, from bound to freedom, from poverty to prosperity. God is the author of your story, and therefore He is the one who can rewrite it. Trust Him!

Love Always, Antoinette

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Antoinette’s purpose is to inspire and motivate you to pursue your dreams, live a life of purpose and walk into your destiny and win in every area of your life doing it God’s way.

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