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Your best days are still a head of you!

Your best days are still a head of you. Don’t beat yourself up about the past or what didn’t happen. You are where you are supposed to be.

God’s plans for you are yes and Amen. God didn’t not bring you this far to let you down but to bless you. You are in God’s thoughts and His plans.

Things might not have gone your way in the past, you may have had a lot of setbacks, disappointments and failures but today God is doing a new thing in your life and the world will be amazed.

His transforming you into His likeness. Those that rejected are going to wish they never did because God is about to blow your mind with extreme blessings and prosperity.

His turning your years of lack into plenty, His restoring your broken heart, His healing every disease in your body, His transforming your mind. His going to Bless you with houses you didn’t build and cars you didn’t buy because He loves you unconditionally.

Weeping may have endured for so many nights but today joy will come in the morning when you believe.

Have faith and trust in God’s promises. Don’t dwell on what didn’t work out, don’t allow the enemy to distract you but stay focused and you will finish strong in Jesus name. This is you year of excellence and everything is going to flow in your favor because when God is for you no one and nothing can be against you.

Love Always

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Antoinette’s purpose is to inspire and motivate you to pursue your dreams, live a life of purpose and walk into your destiny and win in every area of your life doing it God’s way.

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