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Hi there, my name is Antoinette and I am the writer behind TheAntoinetteShow and also a Graphic Designer. Welcome to Antoinette Media Relations where our creativity meets your passion and purpose. Work with us and let us bring your purpose to life.


Logo & Branding-Logo Design,Business Card Design,Stationery Design,Letterhead Design,Envelope Design,Name Card Design,PowerPoint Design,Word Doc Design.

eBook services and print- Will create eBook for your from scratch, create eBook cover for all digital platforms, will design a professional print cover for amazon and create space,3D eBook cover, will design magazine cover both digital and print, will design interior eBook layout,Will create book trailer for promotional purposes.

Graphic Design-Graphic Design, Info-graphic Design,3D Design,Photoshop Design,Vector Design,Icon Design,Ad Design,Podcast Design.

Web Design-Web Design, WordPress Design,Landing Page Design,Big Commerce Design,Shopify Design,Square space Design,Wix Design,Weebly Design,Tumblr Design,Joomla Design, Web banner

App Design-iOS App DesignApp Design.

Digital Marketing-Banner Ad Design, Newsletter Design, Email Design, Facebook Design, Twitter Design.YouTube Design, flyers & Brochures.

If you have something else in mind, Let us know

Contact us for examples, rates and more information!


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